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Alternatives to popular book writing software on Mac and OSX

By Jill Steves

Macs and various other Apple products are super-popular with with creative types, which is a big reason that the more well-known book-writing apps tend to focus more on their Mac versions than, say, Windows. That doesn't mean they're the best, though, or that they best suit your needs as an author.

So here we're going to discuss why Scene One is the alternative software you need when writing your next book!

First, you might also want to review why you need special book-writing software, instead of just - say - writing in Google Doc or Pages. For starters, you those writing apps don't offer these features that authors need! But there are lots of reasons.

But, to the main point of this article: the best alternative to popular book writing apps on Mac and OSX. Click on your current book writing app below to learn more!

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Posted in Learn to Write on 2021-03-28 13:37:47 - scriviner,ulysses,novlr, mac,osx,apple