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We also let writers work on one project for free, forever. (That's right! You can write one manuscript up to 100,000 words for free.)


Write one story (up to 100,000 words).

Try all standard features (available with Lifetime) for two weeks.

Generate up to 2,000 AI words with the AI writing assistant during the 2-week trial.

The Free plan includes:

  • Create one story
  • Write up to 100,000 words (including notes)
  • PDF-only exporter
  • Existing wikis are read-only
  • Free trial lasts only 2 weeks from sign-up
  • Unused AI words expire after trial
  • Any standard feature items created during the trial (such as wikis and beat sheets) will revert to read-only mode after the trial
  • Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

All plans include: clouding saving, integrated stats tracking and analytics, project and scene reminders, dark mode, and focus mode. Learn more here Cancel any time with no questions asked!

You can also purchase additional AI words.

AI Word Booster - 200k

Best Value

Gain an additional 200,000 AI words to use with AI Writing Assistant.

  • AI words purchased in boosters do not expire until used.
$20 USD one-time

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