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A clean, simple yet, advanced text editor for your stories
Story editor tools are nearby when needed
Our text editor also comes with Dark Mode and full-screen focus mode
All of our tools and menus can be used in Dark Mode
Group your stories and their details into projects
Create character profiles that are automatically tracked across your story
Character mentions are tracked across your story and are easy to refer to
Detailed writing statistics are automatically kept for you
Plan your story with our Save the Cat Writes a Novel beat sheet form is for writers using Mac and Windows, iPhone and Android. i.e., everyone!

The writing software runs in your browser, whether it's Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or something more exotic.

And the app is always up-to-date, so you never have to pay for an upgrade or Install the latest version.

The best writing software for beginners and advanced writers The best writing software for beginners and advanced writers

Write Your Stories

Built from the ground up to be easy, intuitive, and work the way writers do.

  • Our text editor is simple and clean. (If you can use MS Word, you can use!)
  • Your words are automatically saved to the cloud.
  • Your daily word-count is automatically tracked.
  • Keep long-form notes for your stories, as well as small reminders tagged to a story or individual scene.
  • Write in the way that makes sense to you! We call our blocks of text scenes, but you can treat them as chapters or snippets or even entire acts.
A clean, simple yet, advanced text editor for your stories
Straightforward scene management that doesn't dictate how you write your stories
Advanced writing tools are note-taking are nearby when you need it

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Create a custom wiki for your worlds and populate it with characters, locations, and items
Create detailed profiles for everyone and everything in your stories
Our text editor also comes with Dark Mode and full-screen focus mode
We automatically track every time a character, location, or item is mentioned in your scenes, giving you quick access

Create Your Worlds

Create your characters, items, and locations with our Wiki Manager.

  • Story elements are automatically detected and tagged as you write, with quick links added to wiki entires.
  • Easily track down the macguffin's first mention or where you wrote an important detail.
  • Add notes and details about all the different elements of your worlds.
  • Share wikis between projects.
  • Stats and graphs show who your important chracters and elements are.

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Plan Your Story & Manage Revisions

Use the Beat Sheet Manager to plan your stories and develop your plot, and the Revision Board to go over your notes

  • Speed up your story development with our Beat Sheet Manager.
  • Attach reminders either to entire projects or to individual scenes.
  • See all of your reminders (and quickly jump back to the appropriate scene) from the Revision Board.
  • Easily filter these revisions for quicker access.
Plan your story using the Save the Cat! Writes a Novel beat sheet
Each Save the Cat section is colour-coded and clearly laid out
Keep detailed notes and reminders on entire manuscripts or individual scenes
Quickly see what still needs work and jump to it

Struggling with Writer's Block?

Or are you planning a brand-new story? You should try our companion app Story Path.

  • Needs only a few details about your story and it's world (characters, genre, and world basics).
  • The software will then generate possible "next steps" in your story for you to expand on and explore.
  • Use the app to find options to get past your writer's block, or to flesh out a new plot. It uses an advanced AI assistant to analyse your story and produce custom options just for you.


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  • Characters
  • Locations
  • Objects
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Save the Cat! beat sheet
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