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Features to help write your books is designed by experienced writers for writers of every level, and our aim is to make it the best online novel writing software on the web.

Below is a list of our great features, plus what we have in the pipeline. If there's something you'd like to see us add, get in touch!

AI Writing Assistant

Our AI writing bot that will help you write your books faster and beat your writer's block.

Learn more about what your AI writing assistant can do.

Supports Every Device works on every platform (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows), and in every major browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge).

Responsive Design was built from the ground up to support screens of every size, from tiny phones up to (and beyond!) large 32" desktop monitors. You'll find it just as easy to use when inspirations hits while on the bus as when you're sitting at your desk.


Export your projects and scenes as PDFs or Word DOCX documents, with more coming very soon.

Export book as PDFExport book as MS Word DocX

Automatic Saving

Saves every character as you type it, storing it securely in the cloud (along with nightly backups).

Dark Mode

Great for writing at night or in low light, or if you just prefer a darker aesthetic!

Focus Mode

Go full-screen, hiding everything but the essential interface.

Integrated Statistics

We count every word as you type it, and break things down by project. Your dashboard also gives you an overview of your recent activity.

Writing Streaks & Awards

As encouragement, if you write every day, you'll activate streaks and earn awards. (The first streak activates after 5 days of writing, but you'll need to find the other milestones on your own!)

Project & Scene Notes

Keep easy-to-access notes for an entire project as well as for individual scenes.

Character Profiles

Build biographies for each of your major and minor players. also automatically tracks where in your stories each character appears, and gives you quick access to these scenes, making revisions and looking up details a breeze.

Collaboration & read-only modes

You can quickly share your projects with others, either in a full-collaboration mode, or as a read-only link.

Regular Updates

We have lot of plans for new and expanded features, both major and minor, so expect weekly to monthly releases.

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Features in Detail

Our Editor and Project Management

Our editor works in a straight-forward "what you see is what you get" way. If you've ever used MS Word or Google Docs, you'll already know how to use ours! We've intentionally kept the number of styling options small so that you can concentrate more on the words you're putting to digital paper.

Process and Organisation

Every story you'll write within we term a 'project', and each project can have multiple scenes, character profiles, statistics, and more. They can also be shared.

Within the 'writing' area of your project, we group things into scenes (think of it as an individual document), although our system is fairly agnostic as to how you choose to use it. For instance, what we call a 'scene' you could consider a 'chapter' full of multiple scenes. Or, if you're feeling really wild, you could write an entire 120,000 word manuscript within a single scene!

Scenes can also be colour-coded to help you manage your scene list.

Coming Soon

Soon, you'll be able to 'version' your projects (helpful for when you finish a draft and starting revision), categorise your projects on your homepage, and archive old projects.

Automatic Saving

Our scene editor and character profile page automatically save to the cloud as you type, meaning no need for keyboard short-cuts or to click through menus. (If anything ever goes wrong, an error message is immediately displayed, giving you instructions on how to proceed.) We also automatically keep track of your writing statistics (more info here).


Our servers also conduct nightly automated back-ups, keeping your work safe.

Coming Soon

You can already export PDFs of your manuscripts, but, soon, you'll also be able to schedule full exports and backups of your entire projects (scenes, character profiles, whiteboards) that will be emailed to you.

Mobile and Tablets has been built to look and feel great on desktop, tablet, and mobile, and is compatible with all major modern browsers. Get productive no matter where you are!

(If something doesn't look quite right on your device, contact us and we'll look into it!)

Sharing and Collaboration

You can share your projects with others, either in a full collaborative mode, or as read-only manuscripts.

Coming Soon

Editors: Soon, you'll be able to shared selected scenes or entire projects with other users for them to suggest edits and make comments.

Statistics Tracking

As you write your scenes, we automatically count up your words, both on a per-scene and per-project basis, and track these numbers in daily segments. The feature is entirely optional (although enabled by default), and can be disabled on a per-scene basis. (This means, for instance, that if you're stubbing out a scene and don't want those words counting towards your daily writing goals, you can ignore them.)

In the Statistics section of your account, you'll see graphs for both your total daily word counts as well as per-project daily word counts. Hopefully, this information can keep you motivated and productive!


To help motivate your productivity, we give you fun awards for activating and maintaining daily writing streaks! The first streak starts after five consecutive days of writing, but you'll have to find the other milestones for yourself.

Coming Soon

Date Breakdowns: Soon you'll be able to see the stats for ranges of dates, rather than just "for all time".

Custom Goals: Everyone works at their own pace and has their own goals, so, soon, you'll be able to set and track your own challenges, such as "Writing Monday to Friday", or "Write 500 words per day". If you have any ideas of goals you'd like to set for yourself that we could help you track, please let us know!

Character Profile Manager

Characters are the core of every great story, and our character profile manager gives you a place to record their vital statistics and pick a portrait. However, our help goes way beyond just these basic features.

Developmental Help

Our profile prompts get you thinking about vital parts of your character's history and personality that will affect their role(s) within your stories. Right now, this includes choosing a role (such as hero, antagonist, or stakes character), but will soon include optional templates designed with wisdom drawn from many different authors, as well as a throughline manager.

Stats and Tagging

Each character can be given their own set of unique tags that lets our system automatically find mentions of them within your scenes, and then link their profile to each one of these scenes, making it easy for you to jump through your manuscript and revise or punch-up the appearances.

Using these tags, we also chart their number of appearances within your story against those of other tagged characters. This can give you quick insight as to the "screen time" each character has, and help you judge if they have enough of the spotlight, or if they're stuck in the background.

Coming Soon

Relationship Manager: Define how each character relates to others within your story, helping you to define your conflicts and drama.

Throughline Manager: Set up the milestones a character needs to hit in your story, and track if/when they do. This will help you ensure that each character's full story is being told.

Development Templates: Optionally populate a character's profile with prompts generated from various authors and books on writing.

Regular Updates is already being used to write novels, but, as you can see above and below, we have plenty of new features for our web developers to build! Each feature will be released as it's finished, and will be fully backwards-compatible with your existing work. (Our own novels are written using so we're always on top of things!)

Our aim is to be both the best and most reliable writing tool out there, so expect regular releases (think weekly to monthly) as we tick things off of our 'to-do' list!

Coming Soon

As well as those 'coming soon' features mentioned above, we also have the following features on the horizon.

Whiteboard Planner: A detailed (yet easy-to-use) tool beyond a simple "cork board" to help you develop your plots, throughlines, and character arcs. It will include the ability to create check-lists and attach these to both scenes and character profiles.

More Exporters: You can already export your manuscript to PDF and Word DOCX, but we'll soon enable you to export to various other formats (EPUB, MOBI, etc), as well as select exactly which scenes to export.

Importing: We want to make it easy for you to port over your old work and bring it into

There are plenty of other 'smaller' things on our Trello board that'll come up soon, too!

If there's a feature you'd like to see, we're all ears! Get in touch.

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