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The Best Ulysses Alternatives for Tablet

Best Ulysses alternatives for tablet

Explore why Scene One is the best alternative to Ulysses

Looking for an alternative to Ulysses on Tablet?

Scene One is the book-writing app that you need! Read on to learn why we think so.

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How is Scene One the best alternative book-writing app on Tablet?

Scene One is amongst the most advanced book-writing apps out there, but is also the easiest to use. Here are just some of the reasons why it's a great alternative to Ulysses:

A Book-Writing App Built For Mobile

  • We know inspiration doesn't only strike when you're stuck behind your desk, so Scene One lets you write on your phone and tablet!
  • Our UI has been designed for mobile screens, so you can write books on your Tablet with ease.
  • Keep and use all the same feature as on desktop.
  • But, if you really need to, you can seamlessly switch to desktop (and back!) at any time.

Write Your Book Online

  • Scene One runs online in your browser and on every device, so you aren't stuck just on Tablet. (This includes phones, tablets, laptops, etc.).
  • Your stories are automatically saved to the cloud (with nightly back-ups).
  • Scene One lets you write one book for free.
Best Ulysses Alternatives for tablet

AI Writing Assistant

Best Ulysses Alternatives for tablet
  • Leverage emerging AI tools to help you write your books faster and beat writer's block.
  • It only takes a button-press to take your own words and be given several options for new prose. Or even rephrase a sentence or two.
  • Learn more about the AI writing assistant here

Get World Building Tools

  • Build a custom wiki to track your characters, locations, spells, etc.
  • Each reference to an item is automatically tracked, so you can always find the first mention of an important character.
Best Ulysses Alternatives for tablet

Track Your Writing Progress

Best Ulysses Alternatives for tablet
  • Your word-count is automatically tracked, and you have access to detailed analytics and graphs.
  • Keep project and scene-level notes and reminders, and track then all on the Revision Board.
  • Write in Dark Mode and Fullscreen/Focus modes.

There are many more feature that you can learn about here.

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