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Brandon Sanderson's Free 'Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy' Course

By Brad Dehnert

Brandon Sanderson is best known as the prolific fantasy author, but also teaches writing courses at BYU that are also on YouTube.

I've watched through older versions in the past, but below I've linked the first several videos of the 2020 version of his lecture series. Broadly, it covers plot, setting, character, business, as well as life advice for being a writer - not just about being productive, but about not burning out and ruing relationships. He was once a student in this class, and calls it the most influential thing in his career for actually getting published.

As Brandon himself says, there's no right way to write a book, but he'll give you some good ideas!

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Posted in Learn to Write on 2020-03-03 00:35:47 - brandon sanderson, learn to write, youtube