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Learn more about Scene One's AI Writing Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AI Writing Assistant?

It is an AI creative-writing bot that helps writers to come up with new ideas and generate fresh and unique text. It can also help to rephrase sentences and paragraphs.

It has been trained on public domain works as well as the internet at large, so it has a lot of wild ideas to share with you!

Where does the AI Writing Assistant get its ideas?

The AI Writing Assistant always starts with your own words as inspiration. In fact, several of its abilities require you to have written several-hundred words first so that it has an idea of what your story is about as well as get a feel for your writing style.

Beyond that, it's able to elaborate on your ideas and what it's learned from public domain works and the public internet to come up with interesting prose.

Does this use OpenAI's GPT-3?

Yes. Under the hood, the AI Writing Assistant uses the GPT-3 API. We have tuned it to focus on literary creativity and to produce books and novels, and we love the results!

Is this just ChatGPT in a new wrapper?

No, not in the slightest. While both ChatGPT and AI Writing Assistant both use the same technology (OpenAI's GPT-3 language model), they've both intended for very different purposes.

For one, ChatGPT is only a temporary research project for OpenAI that won't be around forever. The intent of the project is to improve their language models, including GPT-3.

For another, ChatGPT's use-case is in a question/answer format, and for it to be able to generate computer code, have conversations with you (a chat bot), answer questions, etc. It's very impressive (and fun to use!) but none of this helps with creative writing and creating your books. It's also not straight-forward to make ChatGPT give you suggestions for your novel.

On the other hand, we've created AI Writing Assistant for the sole purpose of helping authors write their books quicker and easier (and better!). We have code and prompts under the hood that focus the GPT-3 language model on creative writing, and don't complicate things by including all the parts you don't need.

Scene One as a whole is also built to manage your writing projects, save your words and scenes, export your manuscripts, etc., which is not something ChatGPT will ever be updated to do.

Do I own the words created by the AI Writing Assistant? Can I sell/publish them?

As long as you already legally own the original IP that you're writing (that is, you aren't writing any sort of fan fiction, using characters/IP that don't belong to you, etc.), then yes! You're free to use the words created using AI Writing Assistant in any commercial work. Scene One doesn't make any claim of ownership or liability, and you don't need to pay us royalties or anything like that.

Is this magic??


Why couldn't the AI Assistant create any suggestions for me? And how do I fix this?

Sometimes the AI just can't come up with any ideas for your scene as-is. It happens to the best of us! Sometimes it's because you haven't written enough to give it enough of an idea of what you might like. Sometimes it has the opposite problem in that it feels that the scene/segment is at a natural conclusion.

Quite often, if you wait 5-10 seconds and try again, the AI will figure out something for you. If that doesn't work, try the suggestions below.

Some possible solutions:

  • Wait 5-10 seconds then try again.
  • Write a little bit more. Sometimes even one extra sentence - even if it's short - can kick-start things. This can be especially useful if your current scene is short.
  • Start generating text from earlier in the scene. Instead of setting your cursor after the last paragraph, set it one or two paragraphs earlier and try again. This can be especially useful for longer scenes.
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