Content Filter Policy for AI Writing Assistant

Recently, our AI service provider informed us that they are becoming stricter with enforcing their content policies. In general, this includes generating anything of an overly sexual or violent nature.

You are most likely reading this because something you wrote was flagged by the AI content filter.

What exactly is the content filter?

This filter was created by our AI service provider, and is updated at their own discretion. It checks your input/story for anything it deems unacceptable.

In general, they don't allow their AI to generate anything of an overly sexual or violent nature. What content meets this definition is hard to pin down, as it's out of our control, and will change from time to time.

To be clear, broadly speaking, Scene One allows all types of stories to be written on our service (with limited exceptions, including writing that actively harms real individuals). But we are also forced to abide by the rules of our AI service provider who will revoke our access to the service.

How does this policy affect me and my writing?

If you aren't using the AI Writing Assistant, this policy won't affect you at all.

For the majority of AI Writing Assistant users, this policy won't affect you either! This will most likely affect romance and erotica authors, but, even then, only in certain scenes of their stories.

What happens if my content is flagged?

Simply put, the AI Writing Assistant will flag an error and won't be able to generate/rephrase/expand/etc. any words for you.

Behind the scenes, your input is sent to our AI service provider where they run it through their own content filter, then tell us the results. If your content is flagged, then all AI processing stops (you can, of course, keep writing by yourself). If your content is not flagged, then it will be processed as desired.

Also, if your content triggers the filter, you'll be given a list of triggered flags (such as 'sexual' or 'violence/graphic').

Am I charged AI credits if my content is flagged?


If your content is flagged by the system, no further AI processing takes place, so you aren't charged any AI credits.

What can I do if my content is flagged?

Here are a few strategies to get the AI Writing Assistant to accept your requests.

  1. Start generating from a different part of your story. That is, click a paragraph or two higher in your story then try generating again.
  2. Remove any problematic words/sentences, then try again (you can re-add them later). So, if the filter complains about sexual content, try removing any obvious words/sentence, then generate more text. Afterword, re-add the words/sentences you removed.

You can read the AI Writing Assistant FAQ here.

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