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Scene One's mission is to make writing your books as easy as possible.

We provide a simple text editor, and our software manages all your scenes and projects for you.

All of your words are securely stored in the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere.

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Scene One lets you write on all of your devices, and in every web browser.

This includes on desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. And you can seamlessly switch between devices.

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Writing analytics for authors

Plenty of book-writing tools

Scene One counts every word you write so that you can keep track of your progress and set writing goals.

The AI Writing Assistant helps you to write faster and clearer.

Build your worlds with a custom wiki, and track every mention of your story elements.

Compile and export your manuscripts as PDF or DocX.

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You'll also receive a gift of 2,000 AI words to use during the trial with the AI Writing Assistant.

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Create detailed profiles for everyone and everything in your stories

World Building Help

Create your characters, items, and locations with our Wiki Manager.

  • Story elements are automatically detected and tagged as you write, with quick links added to wiki entries.
  • Easily track down the MacGuffin's first mention or where you wrote an important detail.
  • Add notes and details about all the different elements of your worlds.
  • Share wikis between projects.
  • Stats and graphs show who your important characters and elements are.

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Story Planning & Revision Management

Use the Save the Cat! Beat Sheet Manager to plan your stories and develop your plot, and the Revision Board to go over your notes

  • Speed up your story development with our Beat Sheet Manager.
  • Attach reminders either to entire projects or to individual scenes.
  • See all of your reminders (and quickly jump back to the appropriate scene) from the Revision Board.
  • Easily filter these revisions for quicker access.
Keep detailed notes and reminders on entire manuscripts or individual scenes

How much does it cost?

Monthly PlansLifetime Plans

Write one story (up to 100,000 words).

Try all standard features (available with Lifetime) for two weeks, including up to 5,000 AI words.

The Free plan includes:

  • Create one story
  • Write up to 100,000 words (including notes)
  • PDF-only exporter
  • Existing wikis are read-only
  • Free trial lasts only 2 weeks from sign-up
  • Unused AI words expire after trial
  • Any standard feature items created during the trial (such as wikis and beat sheets) will revert to read-only mode after the trial
  • Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
Advanced AI

Gain access to our advanced AI writing assistant (as well as everything in the Standard plan).

Create/edit up to 50,000 AI words each month.

Purchase additional AI words.

The Advanced plan includes:

  • Create/edit up to 50,000 words each month with our AI tools. (This doesn't affect how many you can write!)
  • Use across all of your stories/projects.
  • Purchase more AI words as needed
  • Generate new prose that matches your style and voice, and which carries on your scene.
  • Rewrite sentences that aren't quite working.
  • Expand stub paragraphs to flesh out ideas.
$16 USD per month

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Professional AI

Best Value

Create/edit up to 150,000 AI words each month, plus all other Advanced features.

Purchase additional AI words.

The Professional plan includes:

  • Create/edit up to 150,000 words each month with our AI writing tools. (This doesn't affect how many you can write!)
  • Purchase more AI words as needed
  • Be even more creative and productive!
$25 USD per month

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AI Words
AI Word Booster - 200k

Best Value

Gain an additional 200,000 AI words to use with AI Writing Assistant.

Purchase as often as you like.

  • AI words purchased in boosters do not expire until used.
$20 USD one-time

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All plans include: clouding saving, integrated stats tracking and analytics, project and scene reminders, dark mode, and focus mode. Learn more here Cancel any time with no questions asked!

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